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La Guapa Fashion, is a Spanish company, created by the visionary and enterprising A. Paula Monteiro with the aim of presenting the best trends in fashion and style. La Guapa Fashion is aware of the importance of fashion as part of culture and handmade creations. La Guapa Fashion represents a way of feeling, thinking, choosing, but above all it defines in a unique way the human being through fashion as the main element that marks the identity and personality of each woman in today's society. To be fashionable you do not need to invest large amounts of money: simple and successful details provide a different touch that makes you feel unique and unrepeatable. It's all about knowing how to choose well at the moment of buying and to dare with the changes of the season. The main idea is to provide each woman with aesthetic elements with comfortable, unique styles that bring personality and elegance at all times and visually communicate our interests and tastes. The trends that La Guapa Fashion presents in its collections, are carefully chosen from Italian, English and Asian manufacturers who know in advance the direction that society will take in the near future that shape the emergence and development of current trends. A. Paula Monterio, aware that fashion is a sector to boost local economic development, manufactures its own garments, making a completely handmade, exclusive and high quality work that promote labor extensions that singularize commercial offers and increase the competitiveness and interactivity of the country without leaving aside the environmental commitments in society. La Guapa Fashion offers you a selection of exclusive garments in the section "Sale" where you can buy at discounted prices your favorite clothes without giving up your unique and unmistakable style of the season. We have also incorporated the Shoes section as a proposal to complement your shopping experience in the online store. You can find the products in the line "Own Manufacture". Be different from the rest with La Guapa Fashion.